Gothamist Weighs in on the Battle of the Brews—Williamsburg’s 1st Starbucks The West’s New Neighbor

July 17, 2014

by — Posted in News, Press

Gothamist stopped by the to-go window the other day.  

The Gotham heavy weight weighs in on the corporate giants invading our neighborhoods, and their locally businesses.  And no, menu changes have nothing to do with Starbucks, and we’re not phasing out our sandwiches, probably adding new selections.  (and we now have Charcuterie)  We’re happy that the onlinosphere is including us in its coverage of the gluttonous green lady laying down its crab-hands in the hood.  So often in today’s media glut, news junkies just want to know what’s new or what got shuttered.   How about we support stability?

Thank you Gothamist